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Anthony Kite
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Anthony Kite

Post by Anthony Kite » Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:58 pm

Lessee, how do you start these things? My name's Tony and I'll be a junior this year. I'm your pretty average nice guy--except that I've got "powers." But that was probably pretty obvious since I'm here.

I grew up in Encinitas, California--that's in San Diego County--but it's a pretty nice (and pretty white, actually) community. My dad works for an ad agency based in L.A. and my mom teaches health ed. at La Costa Canyon High School. I know, embarrassing, right? My mom's the condom lady. Naw, we're actually really close, especially since my Dad's always away. Summer is a blast.

I've always been a bit of a troublemaker--pranks and whatnot, so I guess it's fitting that I started skateboarding when I was real little. Those Jackass guys are like my heroes. But my real love is aggressive inline skating, especially street skating. I got my first real pair when I was nine.

"Don't go so fast your guardian angel can't keep up with you!" my mom would say.

I've been at it ever since, and two years later I went pro. My dad hooked me up with my first sponsor: Punk It!, an independent sticker printing company. Real small-time, right? Well, while I was slapping stickers everywhere and being an okay skater, that's when I really got my reputation as a human crash test dummy. My neighborhood buddies and I, the Leucadia Bomb Squad, have always been doing stupid stuff and getting hurt for laughs, but I've always felt a little more ballsy than them, catching the most air, pulling tricks that stop my mom's heart--and full out, even if I have no idea what's going to happen. Sure, I've broken a ton of bones, but I've never spent long in a cast. I bounce right back.

I won't go into it, but we--well, I--got into some real trouble a while back. The Bomb Squad was disbanded and I was dropped by my sponsor. It was pretty rough, and I quit skating altogether for a while, I guess out of depression.

My last birthday, though, turned everything around. After all the presents and cake and whatever, as I was settling down to play some Burnout with my buddy Joe over XBox Live, my dad came down to the den and sat next to me, dropping a heavy, square box in my lap.

"There's no reason to quit the one thing that makes you happy," he said, "especially if it gives you incentive to keep your nose clean." He's good at saying a lot in something simple.

He'd bought me a pair of Razors' Shima 7s! But that wasn't even the best part. The left toe, under a protective coat of enamel, was signed in silver by Brian Shima himself!

"'For the wipe-out kid? Sure thing,' he said." My dad grinned.

Yeah, happy ending. I started up again, cleaned up my act, broke in my skates, and got a new sponsor: Starshot Apparel and Accessories. "'Cause skaters aren't just feet," is their slogan. It's pretty cheesy, but they've got a nice line of helmets. That's irony for you.

So, I've been working on my inverted aerials a lot since then, probably because I've hit my head so much it doesn't sound like a bad idea anymore. If I can land the big ones, I do pretty well in competitions, but as long as I keep busting my ass on tricks and not getting seriously hurt, my sponsor's happy. They've put a lot of my demo videos with the really big crashes on YouTube.

My last park skating competition was in July. I got all excited for that one because there were a ton of skateboarders, too, and you never know who you're going to meet when the plank-pushers come out. So I felt a little extra stupid. By the second round, I was eighth, which was pretty damn good for me.

My next run, I pulled out all the stops, throwing in tricks I can only land half the time. As the clock ticked down and I was still standing, I decided to debut my secret weapon, a trick even my friends didn't know I'd been working on since I saw Eito Yasutoko pull it in 2002: the California Roll 1080. I'd only landed it once before, but I swear I felt invincible that day. A little sprinting and screaming down the other hazards got me the speed I needed for the section of vert ramp in the corner of the park. I felt a thousand eyes on me, the commentators wondering what the hell I was up to. The G-forces pressed in and then I was in the air, the world spinning around me. It was going perfectly, felt terrific, and I was even coming in high. The thing was mine.

I don't remember what happened after that, but the video shows that I catch my left toe on the coping at the last second and belly-flop onto the transition, rolling forward. My neck should have broken--it looks broken. Of course, everyone is in shock. My dad jumps the barriers and the paramedics rush in, all of that. And before the shot is obscured, I move a little.

I remember coming to before the paramedics had really done anything. There was blood everywhere from my busted nose. I cracked some molars, too, but my neck was fine. They splinted my nose and I essentially walked away from the incident. I mean, the paramedics kept fussing over me, but I wasn't going anywhere in an ambulance. I had to see how I placed (third), but in retrospect, that didn't matter so much as my infamous landing.

Everyone agreed it wasn't possible. My mom kept going on about miracles. My neck had broken. Then it was fine. When I got X-rayed an hour later, my nose was fine, too. My teeth didn't even need crowns. It sounds stupid, but because I was okay, something was obviously wrong with me.

It turns out I'm not a mutant, so we don't really know what it is. But the fact is I heal unnaturally well, and faster the worse it is, even stuff that should kill me. Starshot is a little miffed that I can't vouch for the quality of their protective gear anymore since it turns out I don't really need it, but I'm sort of famous from the "Cali Death Roll," so they've decided to keep me on after a little hiatus.

But my mom...she used to fuss a bit over my breaks before, but she never seemed all that worried. She really freaked after this, though, and hasn't really been the same since. She seems to blame herself, which I just don't get. She pulled me out of public school and enrolled me in St. Joseph School on the East Coast. It's Catholic, which is a little weird because we're not all that devout--you know, holidays only. But it's for kids with "powers," so I guess that's me.

"There are lots of heroes in Paragon City," she goes. "You learn from them, okay? Be a good kid."

I'm not to keen on being away from home since she'll be alone a lot, but this seems to be more important to her. I love my mom and want to see her happy again, so I guess I'm okay with the move. I'm sure I can make new friends and I'll have the chance to scope out the East Coast scene, too. I hope they're not all Ivy-prep snobs like I've been hearing.

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Post by Storm Scream » Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:54 am

heh..."Ivy-prep snobs"...

::looks around::

Anyway, welcome to St. Joes! Do you have a video of that wipeout? I TOTALLY want to see that!


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Post by Blitzen » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:28 pm

Holy cow, and welcome to St. Joes. Tony! I don't inline all that much, but I love to board skate. There's an amazing park in Faultline, and a real decent one in Skyway too, you SO have to check them out.

Welcome again to SJS- GO FLYERS!
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Post by Nox » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:53 pm

Hello Tony. I hope you like it here at St. Joe's. It was good meeting you the other night and hearing about your City Hall activities.
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Post by Vesper Fiend » Thu Aug 30, 2007 1:35 pm

Hiya, Tony. So, you're a real life daredevil, huh? You oughta fit right in 'round here. I mean, you just about hafta to be at least a little crazy to be in this place. Maybe I'll catch you skatin' sometime, but I'll just watch. Sam's teachin' me, only I'm not so good at it, yet. Catch you 'round the halls.

Oh... Welcome to St. Joe's! And like Sam said, GO FLYERS!
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Post by Alice » Thu Aug 30, 2007 1:39 pm

*flies up to him and hands him a bright pink basket filled with a bottle of iced tea, trail mix, an eraser shaped like a surf board and a note pad with palmtrees on the corners* Hiyas! Im Alice and this is for you! *giggles* Welcome to the most awesomest school ever!! *does a small cheersquad step and kick* Gooooooo Flyers!!
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Anthony Kite
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Post by Anthony Kite » Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:00 pm

Thanks for the welcome wagon, guys! If anybody ever needs a skating or snowboarding partner, come find me. And I do have a clip of that run I had a friend take with my camera. He had a great seat. Remind me some time and I'll show it to you.

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Anthony Kite
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Post by Anthony Kite » Tue Sep 04, 2007 5:11 pm

Name: Anthony "Tony" Kite
Date of birth: April 22nd, 1991
Age: 16
Year in school: Junior
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair color: black (dyed electric blue)
Eye color: brown
  • Is there any significance to your name?: A kite is sort of a kind of hawk. Har har, right? My parents didn't plan it that way, and until I picked up skating, I wanted to be a baker.
  • What is your current status?: Single, hint, hint...
  • What are you wearing right now? A tee from Starshot, a Hurley hoodie, jeans, my red Chucks, boxers with dragons on them
  • What is life to you? Pretty confusing. I'm trying to get back on my feet, make friends, all that. The whole world kind of sucks right now, but that's hardly just my problem.
  • What is love to you? Mostly the unconditional stuff, like family and all that. I guess I'll know it when I see it.
  • What kind of people do you hate most? Cops who arrest and manhandle kids on Go Skateboarding Day, especially when they've got no business doing that for a misdemeanor. Corrupt sons of bitches.
  • What type of people do you like most? Chill guys, especially drummers for punk bands. And skater chicks for sure.
  • What makes you happy? Landing 1080s, a cold Coke on a hot day, being alive, watching wipe-out videos with my crew, really creative tattoos
  • Are you musically inclined? Not really. I listen to a lot of random stuff. Tried teaching myself guitar once, but I haven't had time.
  • What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out that the person you love most didn't exist or was killed? I don't know. I've never really thought about it, and I don't feel like starting now.
  • If you could go back in time and change ONE thing, what would you change? I'd have given Jenny the respect she deserves.
  • If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what will you be? I don't know, anything that could fly or swim. Being stuck on the ground sucks.
  • Ever had a near death experience? Yeah, but everyone knows about that. To be fair, I've had a couple, but didn't tell anyone.
  • Name ONE obvious personality quality you have. I'm awesome. No, really, I'm too nice for my own good, probably. Cause I don't like everyone even though I act like I do.
  • What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now? System of a Down - Toxicity
  • Are you happy today? Sure, it's Sunday. I lazed around, skated some, ate well, and called my mom.
  • Do you have any pets?: I had a Beta named Caffeine and now my mom's keeping him.
  • Do you have any tattoos or piercings?: Both my ears are pierced and gauged out to zero, and my left eyebrow and right nostril are pierced. I had my tongue done, but I can't wear it skating so it healed over. I've got a tat of a lattice thing on my right side. My sleeves aren't finished, though...
  • What's your favorite color?: Anything bright on black. Right now I like lime. That's my next hair color for sure.
  • What's your hometown: Encinitas, California. I spend a lot of time in Escondido, too, though.
  • What's your present residence?: The boys' dorm at St. Joseph School in Paragon City, Rhode Island.
  • What's your favorite food?: Confetti cake, anything Mexican or Asian, pizza
  • Have you ever been toilet papering?: Oh, probably. Everybody's got alarms on their houses these days, though.
  • Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry?: For sure.
  • Have you ever been in a car accident?: My family was in gridlock one time and some idiot rear-ended us.
  • Do you prefer croutons or bacon bits?: Bacon bits.
  • What's the current car you drive?: I don't. ;( I take the tram and my skates.
  • What are your favorite movies?: SLC Punk, Fight Club, Jackass the Movie, The Dudesons, and The Devil's Rejects.
  • What's your favorite holiday?: Go Skateboarding Day!
  • What's your favorite day of the week?: Caturday.
  • What's your favorite word or phrase?: lollerskates.
  • What's your favorite toothpaste?: I like Crest because their mint flavor is really spicy.
  • What's your favorite restaurant?: There's this little hole-in-the-wall taco joint at the bottom of this awesome screamer near my neighborhood. But now that I've been to City of Gyros, I don't know. I'd never had Greek food before, but damn, those pita things rock.
  • What are your favorite flowers?: Calla lilies. That's what those white tube things are called, right? I hear that's a death flower, though...
  • What's your favorite drink?: I drink a lot of stuff, but generally I like No Fear and Full Throttle. And of course Mountain Dew (gamer fuel flavor FTW!) and Vault. Powerade's good, too.
  • What's your favorite sport to watch?: The X-Games, especially aggressive inline (RIP) and vert skateboarding.
  • What's your favorite ice cream flavor?: It's a toss-up between mocha chip and mango sorbet.
  • What's your favorite cartoon character?: Blooregard Q. Kazoo from "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends."
  • What's the last book you read?: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince and Marvels.
  • What's your favorite fast food restaurant?: City of Gyros.
  • When was your last hospital visit?: Last July, for X-rays.
  • What color is your bedroom carpet?: Sort of a mix of dark blues and grays.
  • How many times did you fail your driver's test?: None.
  • Who is the last person you got an email from?: Facebook, telling me that Ben posted a new video.
  • Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: Yeah.
  • Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card?: Well, "my" credit card isn't mine. But I'd have a hard time picking one store for skating stuff. Maybe Best Buy to get some new portable A/V gear.
  • What do you do when you are bored?: Fill in these surveys? Skate, watch TV, play video games.
  • Name the friend that lives farthest away from you: Yoshi in Osaka.
  • What's the most annoying thing people ask?: "Rollerskating? Are you gay?"
  • Where are you working now?: Nowhere right now. Maybe I'll do an indoor thing this winter.
  • What's your favorite all time TV show?: Viva La Bam (and Iron Chef. No, seriously).
  • Who was the last person you were out to dinner with?: My parents.
  • What is in your CD player right now?: A mix CD of System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, The Misfits, Mindless Self Indulgence, Buckethead, Franz Ferdinand, old No Doubt, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.
  • Do you prefer PC or Mac?: I don't game on my computer, so I like Mac for the video editing stuff.
  • Do you have a girlfriend?: Nope.
  • Do you have a crush?: Maybe...
  • Who are your best girl friends?: Meiying, the most chillax girl in a pair of DCs.
  • Who are your best guy friends?: Rob, Ben, Emilio, and Chris.
  • If you had one wish what would it be?: To skate with the best of them and make back a good name for myself. Maybe be a bit of a hero for other kids with powers.
  • What's your favorite song?: Motorhead - Ace of Spades.
  • What was your favorite age?: Middle school, I think. Zero responsibility, easy homework, just tooling around with my crew, busting our asses.
  • If you could have any job, what would it be?: I'd take Brian Shima's.
  • What is your favorite type of candy?: Oh, that's hard. Green apple shoestring licorice?
  • What is the best book you’ve ever read?: A Separate Peace by John Knowles.
Magic Scrapper
Martial Arts / Regeneration (if someone wants to help me with a build, that would rock)

EDIT: I retconned some stuff that doesn't affect anyone.
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Anthony Kite
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Post by Anthony Kite » Wed Dec 05, 2007 5:54 pm

Issue 11 Update

Yeah, my life took a total 180 this year. I went from the next Yasutoko (I wish) to couch potato to human crash test dummy to astral bird conduit.

At first I resented coming to St. Joe's, but I'm trying to make the best of it. While it's full of freaks and nerds and nuns, it's still true what they say about Catholic schools, heh heh. And while I miss the Bomb Squad, I'm making new friends, and some of them almost totally make up for it. And while I miss the Encinitas skate park, I don't miss the assholes, and the new park in Overbrook is kickass. Oh, and it is good to have access to medical professionals who can figure me out.

Le'see, powers... I can regenerate (I knew that), and it's because of some astral dude/thing I'm connected to (I didn't know that). I'm not sure why or how. But the more I use it, the stronger it grows--so I've "manifested" wings. Um, that's sort of all we know so far, unless there's something they're not telling me.

That whole thing has me totally bummed about skating. I don't think I can go back to the pro circuit now. Demos, maybe; competing, probably not. But I am still skating, of course, and getting used to it. And teaching Sam to skate (on skates), too.

She's probably my best friend here. It's tough being "just" friends with a girl like her, but what can you do? There's also Ty and Jessiy. Sam and Ty are jocks and Jessiy's in some military thing, so I'm still pretty lonely when it comes to the everyday grind. Thank God for XBox Live, right?

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Anthony Kite
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Re: Anthony Kite

Post by Anthony Kite » Sat Aug 16, 2008 11:38 am

Fall 2008 Update

Even though I'm not much of a patroller, I settled in at St. Joe's pretty well, made a bunch of friends, and even started dating again. I broke down at took the SATs in case I wanna go to college, though I have no clue what for. Maybe Lit. I got my career back on track with the demo in Philly and took the summer session off school to have a proper vacation and work on my pitch for the fashion line with Starshot. It's all really coming together. Even the crew is back to business as usual, even with me gone. Rob is stepping up to lead the Bomb Squad into the spotlight, and I'm heading up the tank crew out east, and hopefully we'll be able to collaborate and do some crazy awesome stuff and get ridiculously famous. Hey, a kid can dream.

Things are going so well with Rob and Sam and skating that I'm expecting something horrible to happen. Well, I make my pitch on the 18th and then I'm moving back into my dorm at St. Joe's on the 23rd, so we'll see.
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Anthony Kite
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Re: Anthony Kite

Post by Anthony Kite » Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:42 pm

Wiki dump (this will be formatted):


{{Infobox Character
| npc =
| image = Image:Anthonykite2007-8.jpg
| imgwidth = 250px
| caption = From the 2007-2008 Annuus.
| handle = Anthony Kite
| player = [[User:Karakuriya|@RedTeapot]]
| origin = Magic
| archetype = Scrapper
| powerset = Martial Arts/Regeneration
| level = 34
| fullname = Anthony Joseph Kite
| patrolname = Bladerunner
| nicknames = Tony
| age = 17
| birthdate = April 22nd, 1991
| schoolyear = Senior
| species = Human
| height = 5'9"
| weight = 130 pounds
| eyes = Brown
| hair = Black
| marks = Small, grey wings. Seven piercings (Right eyebrow, left nostril, tongue, both earlobes, both nipples). Three tattoos (sleeves: punk flash with partial color, side piece: lattice with roses). Hair dyed electric blue.
| nationality = United States of America
| ethnicity = 1/2 Mexica, nearly 1/2 Italian, sliver of English.
| birthplace = San Diego, California
| hometown = Encinitas, California
| residence = SJS boys' quad 8
| relatives = Maya Alvarado (mother), Vincent Kite (father)
| relationship = Dating [[BIitzen]]
| quote = "I don't want to scare you," he said, "but I can very clearly see you dying nobly, one way or another, for some highly unworthy cause."<br>''J. D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
| activities = Literary Society, work study program
| memory = the Spring Fling
| likes = aggressive inline, punk music, reading, beating up Lusca, road trips
| dislikes = team sports, type-A people, judgementalism, fat chicks

The following is REQUIRED content:
Write a summary: a short blurb about the character, typically about a paragraph in length. This will appear at the top of the article, above the table of contents. Normally this should include a concept summary as well.

'''Anthony Joseph Kite''' is a seventeen-year-old senior at [[Saint Joseph School]] who has attended since Fall [[2007]]. He grew up in Encinitas, California and has been a professional aggressive inline skater since he was twelve. During a park competition in the summer of [[2007]], he pulled a highly technical trick called the California Roll, though the landing went poorly and it was thought that he had broken his neck. Anthony walked away from the accident, but the event had unlocked the latent ability to quickly heal physical damage.

Anthony was sent to [[SJS]] to attend school while undergoing testing, and it was discovered that his abilities are a result of a link between an entity of the astral plane and himself. As he has used his powers more, even relying on them to work as a hero for Paragon City, the entity manifests itself more fully, lending an increase in power, but changing Anthony's appearance and putting strain on him in his resting state.

"Tony" is an outgoing boy and a "nice guy" by his own admission. Due to growing up in the midst of the skating counterculture and having very lax parenting, he can be a bit on the wild side, partaking in underage drinking, sex, and illegal drugs without paranoia or ethical dilemma. Conversely, the values that ''were'' instilled in him, such as being honest and responsible and respecting women, have taken very deep root. Consequently, Anthony is extremely hard on himself when he makes a "real" mistake and is prone to short-lived bouts of severe depression. He also grows bitter when he witnesses others offend the values he holds closely and jealous when they are hypocritical or take shortcuts to get the things he wants in life.

Despite these dark streaks, Anthony is gregarious and wants to see people be happy and carefree. He loves to excel in all things he undertakes and encourages his peers to chase their goals as well. He does not deny that his altruism is selfish, but as long as he acts for the greater good, he feels he does not deserve to be given a hard time about it.

Anthony's hair is often dyed neon colors and gelled into liberty spikes, and he loves punk music. He also has multiple piercings and three major tattoos, self-inflicted or with his parents' signed consent, in progress since he turned sixteen. He wears his inline skates whenever possible and often finds himself in detention for skating in the halls. He can speak Spanish fluently, though his vocabulary is limited more to Mexican slang--he has no formal training.

== Impressions ==

This section provides quick reference information about Anthony.

=== First impressions ===

This information is apparent upon encountering Anthony and perhaps conversing for less than five minutes.

*Anyone knowledgeable about aggressive inline skating or very into extreme action sports would recognize him from a magazine or the Summer X Games in 2004.
*He is very laid-back and confident but animated and says, "Dude," a lot.
*He makes eye contact with girls.
*He is friendly and offers to do favors for others when able.
*He hates the cold.
*[[Sam Douglas]] is his best friend.
*He seems pretty financially well-off.

=== Common knowledge ===

This information is commonly known about Anthony. It is not necessary to be more than acquaintances in order to be privy to this information.

*He is a professional skater, retired as of coming to SJS. Skates, not skateboard. In fact, he wears his skates most of the time.
*He and [[Sam Douglas]] are dating and inseparable.
*He goes to Manhattan every other weekend for "work." Whatever it is, he has ''a lot'' of his own money, despite his parents being upper-middle-class anyway.
*He may appear white but is actually one-half Mexican.
*He is terrified of zombies.
*He is a regular in detention, mostly for dress code violation.
*He left a close group of friends on the West Coast. He talks about Rob and Mei most often.

=== Uncommon knowledge ===

This information is not commonly known about Anthony. Acquiring this information may require social digging, snooping, or being told by Anthony himself.

*He has his own clothing line that he designed for [[Starshot Apparel]] called "Freefall."
*He was arrested before coming to SJS, and as a result, has had his driver's license suspended until his eighteenth birthday.
*He jumped off of Valor Bridge in Independence Port to test his powers. His wings sprouted shortly afterward.
*He isn't Hispanic, but actually indigenous Mexican.

== Metahuman abilities ==

The following is REQUIRED content:
Describe the character's metahuman abilities/supernatural powers/etc. This may include both the character's interpretation of how the powers came to be, what they mean, and how they work, as well as the player's "Word of God" explanation for why and how the powers function in the CoX universe.

*channels an astral entity or Aztec origin
*physical regeneration, flight, some pain resistance, possible immortality

Anthony's primary metahuman power is the ability to heal physical damage unnaturally quickly. The effect is largely subconscious, and the more serious the damage, the faster it heals. Compound fractures take about a minute, and bruises can last for more than a day. It follows then, in Anthony's mind, that if he suffers a mortal wound, he has a chance to heal so quickly that he won't actually die.

One day Anthony decided to test this theory and threw himself from the suspension to the street surface of Valor Bridge in Independence Port. He regained consciousness while in the process of regenerating from a puddle of shattered bones and ruptured organs, though he did opt to receive MedEvac service after proving his point to himself. He also learned that day that while he can fully regenerate blood, skin, and hair, if he was to lose something substantial that does not naturally regenerate, like teeth or a limb, it would not regrow.

The school authorities worried that Anthony's stunt was a suicide attempt or a cry for help, and it took a long time for him to reassure them that it was quite the opposite. The case against Anthony's sanity was exacerbated by the fact that the power required to fully remake his body strengthened the link between himself and the astral entity he channels, causing him to manifest a pair of small, light gray wings--a change that he is only now coming to terms with. Anthony's wings are quite sensitive, and he likens people casually touching them to walking up to someone and tweaking their nipples. The New England winter was also tough on him for that reason, though he has since learned to fly and can carry a payload of about fifty pounds.

Anthony does worry (with no help from [[pw:MAGI|M.A.G.I.]]) that if he "dies" enough times, the entity he channels may manifest completely or possess him in some way. He has been careful not to "use up his lives" since the bridge incident, since growing wings was traumatizing enough. Unfortunately, the "pressure" he felt building up before his leap of faith began bearing down on him again, and regenerating substantially caused him migraines the following day.

During the zombie outbreak in October of [[2008]], Anthony's skull was crushed in an overwhelming assault, and the blow should have killed him. Instead, his guardian surged through the link, healing him instantly and numbing further pain, but the power also changed his appearance dramatically: natural hair, tan skin, an additional fiery aura, and a drastically increased wingspan with green and red feathers. The state is temporary and activates automatically upon receiving critical wounds, although Anthony can invoke it at will under somewhat less serious circumstances. The newly strengthened connection has relieved Anthony of both his migraines and the staining on his feathers.

As [[pw:MAGI|M.A.G.I.]] has only been able to detect specific characteristics of Anthony's "guardian angel" since his most recent transformation, very little is known about the nature of the being, how it is bound to him, and what it may want from him. A specialist believes the entity to be Aztec in origin.

Unfortunately, Anthony's minor and moderate regenerative powers do not confer a resistance to the trauma of suffering and healing physical damage. He has prescription medication to manage the pain, but he knows that if this continues, he will ultimately have to choose between being a hero and being free from narcotics.

=== Powerset interpretation ===

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=== Special equipment ===

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autographed Razors Shima 7s

== Mundane abilities ==

'''Professional:''' [[Anthony Kite#Skating|aggressive inline skating]]

'''Excellent:''' English literature, fearless stunts, Spanish

'''Good:''' fashion design, snowboarding, dancing, [[Anthony Kite#Martial arts|taekwondo]], liberal arts

'''Fair:''' singing, math, science, figure drawing, driving, machine sewing, video games

'''Poor:''' ice skating, guitar, cooking, team sports, self-control

'''Awful:''' budgeting, memory, Guitar Hero

=== Skating ===

Although aggressive inline skating is waning in popularity as an extreme sport, Anthony has been dedicated to it since he was a child. His near obsession has allowed him to use his natural fearlessness to become a highly accomplished park skater, and he is known for his creative and unorthodox use of hazards in his runs. While he does not place highly in vert competitions, Anthony has picked up a few extremely technical tricks from the vert ramp and applied them to park skating.

Anthony recently invented an inverted aerial grab trick of his own called the Dealbreaker: a cartwheel with a double method grab and a layout, able to be executed in half rotations. The biggest he has landed so far is the 540. So far no one else has succeeded a public attempt (due to its obscurity rather than any technical challenge).

=== Martial arts ===

Because straight defense only goes so far, Anthony supplements his regenerative abilities with some modest training in ''taekwondo''. He specializes in various kicks and occasionally wears an old pair of skates, effectively turning his foot into a mace. He only recently donned anything more than jeans and sneakers to go patrolling; Anthony now has wears a flack jacket, urban camo pants, and combat boots in the field.

== OOC information ==

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== Origin story ==
The character's backstory prior to being enrolled at SJS, focusing on powers-related events. This should be a summary; actual fiction should go on the forums.

== Plot summary ==

== Academic life ==

== Social life ==

== Traits ==
Words or short phrases that give a snapshot of the character's personality and lifestyle. Optionally, you may use TVTropes, though links must be provided.

To link to a TVTrope, use:

== School life ==

=== Social ===

Even though Anthony counts himself among the combative population of [[SJS]], he would much rather be a normal high school student and feels severely restricted by attending a Catholic boarding school that's "tame even by public school standards." He compensates by making his own fun, utilizing the suppliers around campus to get his hands on contraband and taking the many business trips his sponsors offer him. To compensate for missing his crew at home in California, he is forming one out of his new friends at [[SJS]] who are exceptionally tough and/or interested in extreme sports. So far he considers the core group to be [[Samantha Douglas]], [[Ty Cloud]], [[Aleyne Kensington]], [[Bethany Jordan]], and [[Benjamin Young]]. They have hatched a plan to become the next Jackass, super-hero style, taking on stunts that would likely kill non-tanks. So far, there is much talk about building a trebuchet, and non-tank Ty has been relegated to the position of cameraman.

[[File:Skatepark.jpg|thumb|A day at the [[New Overbrook skatepark]].]]

Anthony has given an open invitation to anyone interested in inline skating or skateboarding to hang out at the [[New Overbrook skatepark]], and he often offers free private lessons. [[Samantha Douglas|Sam]] was the first to take him up on the offer, and it has led them to becoming best friends. He regularly spots her for pizza money and brings her on his trips to New York City. Despite their physical closeness, both of them continued to insist that there was nothing romantic between them for over a year.

In fact, after a year-long, self-imposed dating hiatus, Anthony began seeing [[Elly Smith]] in the spring of [[2008]]. A self-styled "bad girl," she and Anthony had a very intense, if short, relationship, and he made no secret (to his peers) of them being sexually involved. They decided to go on a break for the summer since Anthony would be going back to California, with the agreement that if they were both still single in the fall, they might hook up again.

Upon his return to campus, Anthony and Elly fell back into their bipolar relationship, rife with heated and public arguments and displays of affection. The situation was exacerbated by Anthony's involvement with [[Bethany Jordan]], a new student who has been receiving private skating lessons.

Eventually Anthony realized that he was only distracting himself from his feelings for Sam. After a few months of debate they dated experimentally and have been even more inseparable since.

=== Academic ===

Anthony recently decided to at least try to pursue a college education and took the SATs, scoring a 1420. Despite his punk attitude and generally skewed priorities, he has always managed to do well in school, where English (and Literature in particular) is his best subject, and Chemistry is his worst at a B/C average. This academic aptitude is most likely due to his mother being a high school teacher, though he also cites broken bones as creating his love for reading novels. He assumes he will go to college for American Literature, though he is having fun toying with fashion design and could pursue it depending on how well received his line is next fall. All in all, he acts very blasé about the whole idea of college because he is sure to be accepted somewhere and does not have a particular academic goal.

What does have Anthony concerned is deciding whether to attend school on the east or west coast. His friends back home are depending on him to attend UCLA as per an agreement they made as children. However, while Anthony does not openly admit it, his relationship with [[Samantha Douglas|Sam]] has become very serious, and he loathes the idea of being separated from her while she finishes high school.

Anthony recently applied to be moved from boys' quad 12 and was placed in quad 8 with [[Io Nodachi]], [[Diego Fernando Compostelaro]], and [[Brandon Jordan]]. He does not count any of them as his friends, necessarily, although there is no real tension among the quiet roommates.

== Hero career ==

[[File:Tony1.jpg|thumb|Goofing off on patrol.]]

While Anthony does hold a hero license and a fairly high security clearance level, he does not patrol very often and does not take the work too seriously. He occasionally uses it as a stress relief though limits his patrol time in order to avoid becoming dependent on narcotic pain killers.

== Home life ==


Lax parenting, run amok in the neighborhood; Kite household is the local hangout.

=== Crew ===

Anthony's "crew," known as the Leucadia Bomb Squad, was borne out of a group of kids close in age who grew up together in the same schools and share a love of aggressive inline skating and other extreme sports. While not all of them live in the Leucadia neighborhood, it became their base of operations.

The Leucadia Bomb Squad, in pecking order:

;Anthony "Tony" Kite
:He is the formerly undisputed leader, though still the heart and soul of the operation. His dream for the whole crew to achieve fame as a team is what has held them together and pushed their skills past the amateur level. Since moving to Paragon, Anthony has been seen more as a traitor and a sell-out, and the crew has lost much of its focus, though everyone still gets along...for the most part.

;Robert "Rob" D'Arcey
:While Anthony was around, he and Rob shared a nearly even leadership of the crew because the latter boy is the brains of the operation and, in vert, a superior skater. Since Anthony's departure, he has acted as the leader, though he is not doing anything to keep the crew together or active, instead, taking time for his own career and personal life. After some feuding, he and Anthony are on the same page and have agreed to focus again on their shared dream once everyone has settled into college.
:''Age:'' 17-18/high school senior
:''Appearance:'' black Irish, tall, skinny

* Emilio López - everyone's best friend, the car bitch (since his is the nicest); he plays up his badassitude and jokes about being a pimp and a gangster, but actually he's a softie and in a long-term relationship with a girl named Carla; Puerto Rican, short, and well-built; 18-19/high school graduate

* Meiying "Mei" Tsao - the girl, the skateboarder; due to dating around the crew, there's some tension, but she has other friends and isn't constantly hanging around; tiny Chinese thing, slightly chubby; 17/high school senior

* Benjamin "Ben" Townsend - the fanboy; he's an excitable social chameleon, playing sycophant to whoever is in charge (currently Rob); he takes the brunt of the jokes, kind of knows karate, and his step-mom is a MILF; stocky, medium length blond hair in bowl cut; 17-18/high school junior

* Christopher "Chris" Bankes - the gossip, the pusher; he makes up for mediocre skating talent by being flamboyant, funny, and the crew's main supplier of illegal substances; he may or may not be actually gay, joking aside; shortest of the guys, freckled, short ginger hair in a fauxhawk; 16-17/high school junior

==== Lifestyle ====

With punk long dead and aggressive inline fallen below the radar, Anthony and his crew, like many of the children of the Generation X'ers, are adrift in the gap between various underground movements and popular consumer culture. As such, they have a very patchwork lifestyle, taking ideas from their favorite countercultures and applying them to their lives with whatever materials they can get their hands on. As inline and punk are surviving in Japan and not quite dead in Europe, various bits of re-envisioned culture float back to the West Coast in the back draft, such as parkour, gothic lolita fashion, grungy electrorock, socialist ideas, and other revitalized vintage stylings, which the kids have mashed together into their own idea of avant-garde punk.

They are conspicuous consumers, into food, fashion, entertainment, and culture. Urban and well-educated, they are idealistic, but carry uncharacteristically optimistic outlooks, honestly convinced that they can personally change the world for the better in a grassroots way. Their banner is self expression, and if that means setting the world record for performing the most consecutive McTwists while wearing a top hat, it is not only applauded, it is posted on YouTube set to The String Quartet's tribute to Korn.

=== Family ===

Anthony is an only child, and before coming to [[SJS]], he lived with his parents in the Leucadia neighborhood of Encinitas, CA. His family is small, but a close-knit bunch, and both sides converge on Thanksgiving every year and get along very well. Despite either side having come to the United States from opposite ends of the world, they are all well-educated, urban, relatively wealthy, and upwardly mobile holiday Catholics.

==== Immediate family ====

;[[Maya Alvarado]]
: Anthony's mother is a young, "cool mom," who teaches sexual education at his high school. She uses her maiden name to save Anthony some embarrassment and protect his image as a non-Hispanic, but any of Anthony's friends know "Mrs. A" well. She is a typical soccer mom and Anthony's biggest fan, always coming to see him compete when she can get away. Committed to honesty and full disclosure, they have a very close relationship, and Anthony really does tell her everything.

;[[Vincent Kite]]
: Anthony takes after his father to an uncanny degree, from his dark looks to his friendly mannerisms. Vin appears both serious and approachable, quick with a warm smile and endlessly supportive of Anthony's schemes. He works for a marketing firm, particularly in handling company image, and as such, he is often away on business. However, he commands respect from his son and expects Anthony to be responsible and accountable for his actions, if not mature; and, provided those criteria are met, he leaves Anthony to make his own mistakes.

==== Extended family - Maternal ====

;[[Nenetl Alvarado|Grandma Nenetl "Nene" Alvarado]]
: Grandma Nene is the rock of Anthony's mother's side of the family, and everyone both loves her and fears her criticism. Her home cooking is legendary, and appropriately, she shows affection with gifts of food. Anthony has always known her to be somewhat stony toward him, and he now knows this is because she does not approve of his parents' interracial marriage. Since emigrating from Mexico, Grandma Nene's ranch house in Phoenix is home for Christmas celebrations.

;[[Nancy Castillo|Aunt Nancy]] and [[Luis Castillo|Uncle Luis]] Castillo
: Aunt Nancy is Maya's younger sister and also came to the US to attend college. She is a registered nurse and lives on the other side of Encinitas with her husband Luis, a general contractor who has helped the Bomb Squad with a number of ramp fabrication projects. Only just turned thirty, Nancy acts more as a sister to Anthony than an aunt and was his primary childhood babysitter.

==== Extended family - Paternal ====

;[[Grandpa Kite]] and [[Lucrezia Kite|Grandma Lucy]] Kite
: Vincent's parents are able-bodied retirees who jet set around the country, conspicuously spending their pensions on fine dining and cruises. When not traveling, they spend most of the year in New Jersey and winter near West Palm Beach. Anthony has no idea what they used to do for a living, and his father has never said.

;[[Alexander Kite|Uncle Al]] and [[Merilee Kite|Aunt Merilee]] Kite
: Uncle Al is Vincent's elder brother and an art dealer in New York City. He met his wife, Merilee, when he fell in love with her sculptures. They have one child. As they are insanely busy, Anthony does not get to see them very often, although he is welcome to crash at their loft when visiting NYC.

;Cousin [[Matteo Kite]]
: Anthony's elder cousin "Mattie" also lives in New York City and is a successful Porshe-Audi dealer. The combination of taking after his quiet mother and expecting to retire at thirty-five, he is ultra-sophisticated and does not have much to do with Anthony.

== The real world ==

Because of some legal trouble in the spring of [[2007]] and his accident later that summer, Anthony's burgeoning skating career has taken quite a hit. However, he returned to the professional skating scene with a demo in Philadelphia over spring break of [[2008]]--the first time he had been seen seriously skating since growing wings--and relaunched his career. There is some controversy over whether or not his regenerative abilities and wings have given him an unfair advantage, though the sponsors that have kept him have been using the publicity as a springboard, and so far the industry has accepted him in a non-competitive context.

Thanks to these developments, Anthony's main sponsor, [[Starshot Apparel]], is pushing him to become a cultural icon. They offered him the summer months to pitch them a clothing line which he assembled in his basement during summer vacation. He put a lot of effort into the project, going far beyond what Starshot had expected of him, and it made all the difference. The line has been given the green light and is set to be released for Fall 2009.

This means that Anthony has become even busier between school, patrolling, skate practice, and trips to New York City every other weekend to meet with his line's [[lead designer|Starshot Apparel#Tim]] and [[marketing representative|Starshot Apparel#Marketing Representative]]. He is modest about the project and often deflects questions about his business trips. [[Samantha Douglas|Sam]] often accompanies him as moral support and an ''ad hoc'' personal assistant.

== Deep, dark secrets ==

These are issues that have been revealed in fiction but are not necessarily common knowledge.

=== Are you a Mexi-can or a Mexi-can't? ===

For most of his life, Anthony has publicly ignored his Mexican heritage at his mother's suggestion that life in America would be easier for a middle-class white boy than for a Latino. He is fairly light skinned and, until recently, obsessively wore sunscreen to keep from tanning in the southern California summer, capitalizing on taking after his Italian father. Despite this public denouncement, he is close to his Mexican side of the family and can speak Spanish fluently.

It was recently revealed, however, that his mother is not of Hispanic decent, but of the indigenous Mexica who lived in Central America before the Spanish conquest. Anthony does not particularly care which Mexican people he is descended from, but since he rather not have to explain the difference, he lets people assume he is Hispanic if they know he is Mexican at all.

=== The kid with nine lives ===

So far, Anthony has detailed having "died"--that is having received mortal wounds and fully recovered without immediate medical assistance--four times, and he has alluded to possibly more.

#Age 9 - by auto versus pedestrian collision [ ... 821#p35821]
#Age 16 - by California Roll [ ... 045#p32045]
#Age 16 - by falling from Valor Bridge [ ... 811#p35811]
#Age 17 - by zombie attack [ ... 924#p52924]

=== Girl troubles ===

Anthony can sometimes have very mixed reactions to girls, relationships, and sex. He is open about his sexuality, has a "been there, done that" attitude about most teenage relationship issues, and has been known to hook up with college-age girls at parties, but he becomes edgy around the topic of virginity.

It is ''not at all'' common knowledge that Anthony sexually assaulted a girl named Jenny, his last girlfriend before coming to [[SJS]]. Although she did not press charges and kept it a secret, Anthony feels extremely remorseful and will probably never forgive himself for hurting her. Since then, Anthony is wary of his behavior when he is drunk, avoids getting involved with inexperienced girls, and questions his ability to separate physical and emotional attraction.

[[Elly Smith|Elly]] helped him to get over these issues somewhat and he is beginning to move on with his post-Jenny life, but above all, Anthony realizes that he is extremely dominant and impatient when it comes to physical intimacy, and he worries that he is "wired wrong," irreparably, and doomed to become a "monster."

=== Breaking the law ===

It was revealed in a game of Never Have I Ever that Anthony was arrested once in the spring of [[2007]]. He did not say what it was for, although he has mentioned that he had his driver's license suspended until he is eighteen. He has a car in California: a 2000 Toyota Corolla that was a gift for his fifteenth birthday.

== Fiction index ==

=== Ongoing ===

*[[thread:2809|Student Information]] - Anthony's introduction and out-of-character updates
*[[thread:2910|"Safety 180"]] - Anthony's internal monologue

=== Arcs ===


*[[thread:3259|"Fly Your Freak Flag"]] - The anti-homecoming party.
*[[thread:3987|"A trick with no name"]] - Anthony unveils the Dealbreaker 360.
*[[thread:3991|"Dealbreaker"]] - Anthony's and [[Rob]]'s demo in Philadelphia in which [[Samantha Douglas|Sam]] comes along.
*[[post:52680|"There goes the neighborhood"]] - Anthony applies for quad reassignment.
*[[post:52924|"They Rise"]] - The zombie apocalypse.


*[[thread:4578|"In dependence"]] - [[Samantha Douglas|Sam]] visits Anthony at his home in California over the summer.
*[[thread:5019|"Like That"]] - Best friends for a year. Just friends.

=== Rumors ===

*November 12th, 2007 - [[thread:3247|And for my next trick...]]
*September 7th, 2008 - [[thread:4858|The Quad of Hell]]
*September 20th, 2008 - [[thread:4916|Love Triangle?]]
*Novermber 3rd, 2008 - [[thread:5018|"Who wants to date a cheerleader?"]]

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