Sydney St. John A.K.A. "Phoenix Ashe"

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Sydney St. John A.K.A. "Phoenix Ashe"

Post by Karakuriya » Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:31 pm

Wiki dump (this will be formatted):


{{Infobox Character
| npc = 1
| image =
| imgwidth =
| caption =
| name = Johnny Firebird
| player = @Grey Knight
| archetype = Corrupter
| origin = Science
| level = 40 (fluff)
| fullname = Sydney St. John
| nicknames = Sydney Ashe, Phoenix Ashe, Alpha-13
| species = Human (mutant)
| age = 18 (born October 28th, 1990)
| height = 6'1"
| weight = 140 lbs.
| eyes = red
| hair = red-violet
| nationality = Australian
| birthplace = Sydney, Australia
| residence = believed to be somewhere in Paragon
| relationship = single
| relatives = [[Doctor Ashe]] (adopted)
| powers = pattern destruction
| abilities = igniting, melting, disintegration, slight emotional state control
| equipment = metal gauntlets, Kevlar armor
| footnotes = Sydney has maintained his Australian accent. He has sustained an odd burn scar on the far left side of his face.

'''Sydney St. John''', known most commonly by the alias '''Phoenix Ashe''', is an eighteen-year-old member of [[Project Daedalus]]'s [[Generation Aeon]], and the only survivor aside from the on-again-off-again hero [[Violet Lam]]. As a product of the [[Minerva Strain]], he, like Violet, exhibits many fickle, chameleon-like traits, the most apparent of which is his gender. All of the [[Icaria Foundations]]'s agents were designed to be female, although some time in early gestation, Sydney switched. This mistake is what left the infant "Aster St. John" orphaned in Sydney, Australia, though it is unknown to him whether his parents had taken their own lives or were killed by the foundation for abandoning him.

He was adopted early by his Project Daedalus patron, [[Marie Ashe|Dr. Ashe]], and brought up in the various facilities that would become the project's cyberization, training, and deployment compound in Paragon City, completed in 1999. As though marked with a scarlet letter, Sydney was treated as a second-class citizen, too unimportant to be sheltered from the many atrocious failures of Daedalus' prototype generation in those early years. When his abilities manifested and proved to be stable, he underwent the same training syllabus intended for Generation Aeon, excelled, and was put to work in the field as a ghost agent. Pretending to be a rogue agent of the project, he attempts to foil the organization for imagined slights, though his botched missions often result in the project's favor. He also plays the scapegoat, and crimes committed less that discretely by the [[Tea Party]] are attributed to his name.

Sydney takes a twisted pride in his work, and he enjoys being privy to most of Project Daedalus' secrets. However, the combination of his genetic predilection to having a changeable personality and being raised on the project compound has made Sydney a rather unsavory person. An expert of social manipulation, he is amoral and wholly untrustworthy. None of the project's atrocities seem to disturb him, and he has bought fully into the dogma espoused by his adopted mother and [[Johannes Quisling|Dr. Quisling]], supporting the indoctrination of the project's younger generations and welcoming the coming new world order.

== Meta-human abilities ==

== Interactions ==

=== [[Violet Lam]] ===

Sydney and Violet share a strange, sibling-like rivalry where Sydney, as part of the Project Daedalus since birth, has served faithfully as the project scapegoat, while Violet, the golden child of her generation, has been a repeated thorn in the project's side, going as far as to sabotage herself (the project's greatest asset) and provoke Sydney into burning the project's second compound to the ground. They often refer to each other as "sister," and "brother," though they actually share very little genetic material; they are more terms of camaraderie within the project. In fact, there is a palpable sexual tension between the two.

=== [[Nikola Veratis]] ===

When Violet was held captive by Genometric Solutions, it had been Sydney's responsibility to keep an eye on her. It took him nearly a month to track her down and was in the process of rescuing her when Nox Veratis infiltrated the office, himself, to the same ends. Upon seeing Nox, Sydney fled the scene, but not before moving Violet's trapped digital consciousness to a location where she could easily escape.

=== [[Dominic Ferro]] ===

<s>Sydney briefly met Dominic in order to conduct an introductory interview to determine if Dominic was Project Daedalus material. It was made clear that Dominic did not know what he was getting into and was soon dismissed.</s>

'''''Retconned due to continuity issues.'''''

[[Category:Affiliated characters]]

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